Life Happens

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

So often we allow life to simply happen to us.

Wake up, get dressed, go to work… come home, feed the family, put the kids to bed and eventually put yourself to bed. These things are necessary. They are expected. But often we let them happen without being present. By allowing this, we are robbing ourselves of so much beauty, and so much richness.

Sometimes I remember to not let life just happen. Sometimes I am what happens to life. Those are good times. Those are times when I really see the wonder and the beauty in the smallest little detail. Those are times when I am thankful.

I have so much to be thankful for. My life and my heart are full. I love and I am loved in return. Truly I can say “my cup runneth over”. I am smiling as I write this, because as of this moment, today is no longer happening to me: I am happening to today. I am alive and I will tackle the rest of this day with vigour and purpose.

Yes, I will still do the necessary. I will finish work, and I will go home and feed the family, and I will put the baby to bed… But I will be present for the moments. I will be purposeful in my doings, and I will be a better person for it.

Today, I hope that you will be what happens to your day!



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