It’s Cultural

via Daily Prompt: Culture

“I’m creating a culture!” I half-yelled after the curious onlooker, who sped up none to slightly at my affront.

“I’m creating a culture,” I repeated under my breath, more for my own sake than for anyone else’s.

Culture is a funny thing. We half expect it to have something to do with ancient civilisations and weird and wonderful traditions that we really have no interest in anymore. But culture is created daily. Culture is what shapes us into the people we are, and what we teach our kids as they grow up. Culture develops from tradition, and tradition develops from habit, and we all know that habits can be established (or for that matter, broken).

By that reasoning, if I can develop good habits, then I can establish good traditions, which can lead to a good culture. I realise that when we speak of culture, we think large-scale. Whole continents, or nations or cities, and yes, culture does shape those; but every single culture started with an individual. I am an individual. You are an individual. Every nation is made up of individuals. So why can’t a culture be changed by individuals?

Our world is desperately in need of a culture shift. Hatred and anger and self-love have become the culture of the human race. This is not limited to a single continent or nation or city, it is universal.

The human race may be broken, but we are not lost. As long as there are individuals who are willing to step out of the cultural norm and start creating a new culture, there is hope. We can change. We WILL change. We can learn to love and to forgive and to think of others before ourselves.

I for one, am willing to try. Are you?

Create your culture – you never know what impact you can have!


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